You have the authority to be…


I am Annette your Confidence Coach

Trained Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Therapeutic writer. Experienced in Manifestation and Mindfulness.

  • Always want to be accepted by others.
  • Emotions dictated by how others react to you.
  • Self doubt set in when change is happening?
  • Saying no because you feel you will not do a good job?
  • Have the skills/ experience but fear you’re being a fraud?
  • Do you feel worthy because of what you have achieved?

Does reading this hit different? if you feel strong emotions. Maybe sadness, frustration, anger, regret or tearful.

You have come to the right place !

When you come across a confident woman, what do you notice?

I notice:

  • She was clear about who she is.
  • She went for what she wanted without remorse and took action.
  • She created and kept to her boundaries.
  • She practiced self-compassion.
  • She indulged in her self.

That was the first step knowing what confidence looks like and what stood out to you the most.

Keep that image in your mind…Close your eyes (if safe & comfortable to do so)…Take a moment…Gently breathe in and breathe out, keep breathing in and out…Imagine you are that confident woman. What are you doing? What can you see? What can you smell?What can you feel?…Now open your eyes. How did that feel?

Embodying confidence enables us to navigate life with a positive mindset, create and keep to boundaries that serve our needs. It can stop us from making fear based decisions and say yes to opportunities.

My vision is to contribute towards a happier world all through helping women increase their confidence.

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“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

Blake Lively

When we feel confident magic happens. The grass becomes greener, we feel grateful for every breath and connect with others on a deeper level because we feel confident in who we are.

That is amazing, right?!

Wouldn’t you want to feel that? Be that?

How do I help my clients feel confident?

Blended approach of Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Therapeutic writing, Manifestation and Mindfulness.

For a journey of:

  • Self discovery.
  • Acceptance of who they are…warts and all.
  • Commit to who they are becoming.
  • Space to practice what is learnt along their journey.
  • Express kindness to self and others.

Confidence workshop

What you will get from the virtual workshop:

  • Greater clarity on what you want from life
  • Highlight the barriers that are in the way of the life you want to lead
  • Increase your confidence in 10 steps
  • Understand and change negative thinking patterns
  • Devise an action plan for living in confidence

After the workshop

4 weeks after care support to keep you on track with your action plan.

Price:  £100 including 4 week support program and downloadable materials.  

An investment to your future self.

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Client success

Thank you again for your help and I wish that you can help many many more people to make a positive change in their lives.

Before starting with Annette, I had social anxiety that made me overthink every single interaction with others, both in my personal and professional life. More specifically, I was going through a challenging time change at work.I felt like I was a really unlikable person and I would feel really guilty for everything. Standing up for myself would make me panic to the point that I would let people disrespect me or not feel comfortable when I would say no.

I really felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to do. I had been in the situation before, both in my professional and my personal life. I would normally walk away from the situation not knowing how to solve it and probably let that relationship die. I felt stuck and I really came to the point where I needed a new perspective and ways to help avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

We talked through the phone and she helped me have a change of perspective. She gave me little “homework” which was a lot of thinking and a few tasks.

Annette introduced me to new ways of reacting to situations. She was really understanding, supportive and positive… to find out how we worked together please READ MORE.

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