Personal stylist, Mindset & Accountability Coach


I am Annette a Personal stylist, Mindset and Accountability Coach. Trained in Personal styling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Therapeutic writing.

Are you ready to achieve your goals? see yourself and the world through a different lens and create positive change in your life. Learn more about how Annette can help you unlock and tune in. Keep you on track with completing goals you have longed to achieve. Fall in love with what you see in the mirror through combining Life coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, Spirituality and Personal styling.

Why work with a Mindset & Accountability Coach?

Life can be hectic and distracting often leading you away from your goal. Is there a part of your life you have struggled to manage? Spending a lot of your time reading, listening to podcasts about what you want to change with minimal effect?

A Mindset & Accountability coach helps you move from limiting beliefs to a new perspective. Provide guidance and support to define your goal, turning your goal into reality.

Why work with a Personal Stylist?

A Personal stylist work with clients to explore fashion trends, understand their personal style with the end result of helping the client feel good.

What clients have to say

Discovered the power of thoughts.

Optimistic outlook.

Helped join the dots.

Take control and feel empowered.

New ways of reacting to situations.

Change of perspective.

Stress reduced by 95%.

More room to breathe.

Makes the impossible sound possible.

Helped me reach my career goals.


“I would highly recommend life coaching sessions with Annette”

Since starting my life coaching sessions with Annette, I’ve been manifesting my goals like crazy in such a short space of time. Annette’s sessions have really helped me to put my goals into perspective and offers sound advice when my goals need “reshaping”.


“If you are feeling overwhelmed confused you need to see this lady”

My problem was self-doubt in my own abilities and how to take the next step in my business. I was unclear on where to start. I was confused and overwhelmed. From our first conversation I knew Annette was the one who could help. She was reassuring, calming and had great insight. Now I feel more focused and in control around my business thanks to Annette. She is a really good listener and is able to identify things that are hidden from view.


“Ultimately, I would fully recommend investing in Annette’s life coaching.”

Annette was able to help unlock the solution to the way forward for me.  She was non-judgemental and provided me with achievable steps towards achieving my goals.  Annette also suggested using the same means of organisation as I do in my work which made perfect sense.   My change was not immediate, but she was patient and supportive.  As we scheduled in the following appointments, it was also useful for me to have someone whom I was accountable to….
She has literally changed my life… to read the full success story click on client success stories



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