Anon – June 2019

I was having marital difficulties with my husband and wanted to explore leaving the relationship but I have been unable to do so because of my current financial difficulties. With assistance from Annette I decided to work on developing my career in order to increase my financial situation to enable me to manage my maritalContinue reading “Anon – June 2019”

Sade Buari – April 2019

Since starting my life coaching sessions with Annette, I’ve been manifesting my goals like crazy in such a short space of time. Annette’s sessions has really helped me to put my goals into perspective, and offers sound advice when my goals need “reshaping” . We had bi-weekly calls to track my progress, and reflect onContinue reading “Sade Buari – April 2019”

Anon – March 2019

Thank you again for your help and I wish that you can help many many more people to make a positive change in their lives. Before starting with Annette, I had social anxiety that made me overthink every single interaction with others, both in my personal and professional life. More specifically, I was going throughContinue reading “Anon – March 2019”

Anon – March 2019

Annette has truly helped me reach my career goals! We’ve had a number of sessions, and she has helped me goal post how I can realistically achieve each objective, and breaking it down into baby steps. She makes the impossible sound possible. Thank you so much.

Anon – March 2019

Hi Annette, I just want to thank you for taking your time to talk to me over the phone and listening to my goals and where I am stuck. I must say that you spoke with a lot of professionalism and also I could sense caring in your voice. I am excited about my coachingContinue reading “Anon – March 2019”

Anon – January 2019

Working with Annette has enabled me to review underlying issues connected to my limiting beliefs. She helped me look at solutions to those issues as well as identify my why’s. As a result I have started to journal to explore my thoughts.