Anon – March 2019

Thank you again for your help and I wish that you can help many many more people to make a positive change in their lives.

Before starting with Annette, I had social anxiety that made me overthink every single interaction with others, both in my personal and professional life. More specifically, I was going through a challenging time change at work.I felt like I was a really unlikable person and I would feel really guilty for everything. Standing up for myself would make me panic to the point that I would let people disrespect me or not feel comfortable when I would say no.

I really felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to do. I had been in the situation before, both in my professional and my personal life. I would normally walk away from the situation not knowing how to solve it and probably let that relationship die. I felt stuck and I really came to the point where I needed a new perspective and ways to help avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

We talked through the phone and she helped me have a change of perspective.She gave me little “homework” which was a lot of thinking and a few tasks . Annette introduced me to new ways of reacting to situations. She was really understanding, supportive and positive. By following up, I felt like I wasn’t alone whether I was having little or big wins, or fails. As well, she made me feel accountable to make progress. She was motivating and she made me want to fail faster.I found to be weirdly excited to have a “problem”, try new ways of confronting it and debriefing about how it went. Replacing problems by challenges. Before meeting Annette, I felt like my issue was a “preschool” level problem and therefore I have never talked about it to anyone else before. Our discussion was free of any judgement. The shame of even having this problem in the first place was gone quickly and replace by empathy and positivity.

On the first few days, I quickly noticed a change in the way i was dealing with difficulties. I had to list my none negotiable boundaries and this task, which was quite hard for me, was an incredible eye-opener. I gain more confidence in standing up for myself because I knew where to draw the line. I replace my guilty gut feeling by a clear and confident understanding of what I am ready to accept from others.
As well, as I was applying Annette’s advice, I started to build up my confidence on the little successes.

A couple of months down the line, I am still getting use to set boundaries instead of flying away. I will need a bit more time for advice to become habits and to see the positive effects in my social circle.Although, I feel more confident and open with people as today I deeply believe that there is a solution to any situation. My stress has probably been cut by 95%. Which is a huge relief. There are still some situations where I feel a bit panicked occasionally, but I try to keep in mind my boundaries and keep a positive sight on the situation.

I am really happy and hopeful. I know what my boundaries are and I understand how to make sure that others understand them. I feel like I have more room to breathe.